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Q1 2017


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In the dawn of the villanous birds' invasion of Pawrtal Planet, two Pawrtal kitties, worried for their still young Pawrtal kitten, Sushi, places him in a box and sends him to a lonely astronaut: You. With Master Pan’s guidance, it is now up to to you to train Sushi, the last Pawrtal Kitty and only hope to save the everyone from the birds' wrath.


One universe is encompassed by one box. And in this reality there are multiple universes in multiple boxes. For many years it has been guarded by the Pawrtal Cats, the only species that can travel through the universes with box-shaped portals… until now. Suddenly the birds, who have a grudge against the cats have taken over, having found a way to travel through worlds, they destroy universes left and right, stealing box portals, starting from the Pawrtal Cats’ world, with the goal of obliterating everyone except themselves.


  • Adorable and excitable Sushi the cat
  • Laser pointers
  • Virtually edible cookies
  • Space... including the experience of being in zero gravity


KiB VR Demo YouTube

Kitty in the Box Galaxy at Playcrafting Demo and Play Night YouTube

Kitty in the Box Galaxy at NY Comic Con 2016 YouTube


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Kitty in the Box VR. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About Mokuni Games

Mokuni LLC is an indie game company based in New York powered by a group of designers and software engineers creating game experiences with rich characters, compelling stories, and simple and fun mechanics for gamers of all ages.

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Kitty in the Box VR Credits

Kurt Young
Creative Director

Wengu "Eddie" Hu
Game Designer

Jay Suong
Lead Programmer

Mengyi Xu

Lhong Lhi
Art Designer

Yiju Chiang
Producer, Project Manager

Porrith Suong

Chiang Yao
3D Artist

Zilu Yan
3D Artist

Kenny Ganiswarna
Story Artist

Sam Warfield
Music and Sound Designer

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