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January 26th, 2017

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Join Sushi in this Kitty in the Box sequel as she dives into the world of boxing. The goal here is simple: get the Sushi into the golden box! Miss a box and back to the beginning you go. Get ready for some tubby butt wiggles, slippery catwalks, candy, and platforms that make you go zoooom!


Kitty in the Box 2 is a sequel of the hit mobile game Kitty in the Box. Inspired by two cats that stumbled into the Mokuni Studio, Kitty in the Box proved to be a success and was well received at conventions such as NY Comic Con and PAX East. Now, after collecting many feedback from players of the first game and studying many many more viral cat videos, Mokuni, LLC is now back to create a bigger and better sequel with features that will challenge more players and warm more hearts.


  • Launching kitties into boxes
  • Challenging achievements
  • Elaborately designed themes
  • Handcrafted levels that require you to think outside the box (hah, get it?)
  • And lovely costumes!!!


Kitty in the Box 2 Demo YouTube

Kitty in the Box 2 at Playcrafting Summer Expo YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (13MB)
Defeat Enemy Birds.png
Booster Bricks that make you go zooom!.png
Customizable Cats and Costumes.png
Handcrafted Levels.png
Colorful Maps.png


About Mokuni Games

Mokuni LLC is an indie game company based in New York powered by a group of designers and software engineers creating game experiences with rich characters, compelling stories, and simple and fun mechanics for gamers of all ages.

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Kitty in the Box 2 Credits

Kurt Young
Creative Director

Fox Chen
Lead Programmer

Chihtang Chang
Game Designer

Sam Warfield
Music and Sound Designer

Mengchen "DanDan" Zhao
Art Designer

Wengu "Eddie" Hu
Technical Artist

Jay and Porrith Suong
Programmer (initialPrefabs, LLC)

Sebastian Gat
3D Artist

Zilu Yan
3D Artist (at Mokuni Beijing)

Kenny Ganiswarna
Story Artist

Yuguang "Kite" Sun
UX Designer

Huan Tan
Business Manager (at Mokuni Beijing)

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