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A big round shadow looms over earth... And it is certainly not a cloud. It’s Aliens! And they are here to steal our food! Boogaloo with buttered bread, flamenco with French fries and do the hustle with hot dogs--It's time to gather your food and conga line your way outta there! Your job is simple: collect foods and match them in a row. The more food you collect, the longer your conga line. The longer your conga line, the bigger your score. Choose from a colorful cast of characters to navigate town: from sushi chefs to burger meistros to businessmen. You will encounter all kinds of imaginative foods waiting for you to save them! Oh, and don't forget to avoid the alien mothership!


Food Conga is a work in progress title from the creators of “Kitty in the Box.” It was also showcased by Playcrafting NYC as the Best Mobile Game in 2015.


  • Totally adorbz foods
  • Conga lines
  • Characters like Bruce the retired marine and Captain Silver the ethical pirate
  • Action/Adventure Match-3 gameplay
  • Quests that will challenge your conga skills
  • A crazy cast of culinary characters
  • All the nostalgia feels and arcade-inspired vibes
  • Encounter various enemies and obstacles like porcupines, bears, falling rocks, moving cars and did we mention bears?


Food Conga at NYC Arcade 2015 YouTube

Food Conga at Playcrafting Demo Night YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)
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About Mokuni Games

Mokuni LLC is an indie game company based in New York powered by a group of designers and software engineers creating game experiences with rich characters, compelling stories, and simple and fun mechanics for gamers of all ages.

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Food Conga Credits

Kurt Young
Creative Director

Fox Chen
Lead Programmer/Game Designer

Kevin Chen
Art Director/Lead Game Designer

Sam Warfield
Music Composer and Sound Designer

William Wong

Tiru Shanmugan
Technical Artist

Julia Chen
3D Artist

Shuren Hao
2D Artist

Kenny Ganiswarna
Story Artist

Huan Tan
Business Manager (at Mokuni Beijing)

Yan Chun Chiu
Financial Consultant (at Mokuni Beijing)

Ryan Olsen
Public Relations

Yipeng Li
Business Advisor

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